FORCED MEDIA is specialized in high end audio production beyond simple 'In The Box' mixes. The combination of specialized hardware and software tools together with over 25 years of experience in the media industries leads to high quality results. Composition, sound design, groove design, synth programming and final production is done in an integrated manner to deliver highly adapted and individual solutions in stereo and surround. All metering standards are available. Of course the new EBU R128 and True Peak standards and their US counterparts are already implemented in the workflow. Voice over, vocals and instruments are recorded with high end microphones - no compromises anywhere - even with surround microphone setups.
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FORCED MEDIA is the production facility of Nirto Karsten Fischer. He is working in the field of electronic music since 1979 and uses digital instruments since 1982. From the mid eighties to the beginning nineties Nirto Karsten Fischer wrote many articles for German magazines (Keyboards, Keys, Spex) concerning studio technology and essayistic notes about cultural issues of digital instruments and their use. 
The FORCED MEDIA facility as an all digital working environment was first realized at 1990 and from then continuously developed as a high quality production place. 
Further interest areas of Nirto Karsten Fischer are philosophy, social sciences, martial arts and art photography. He holds a Diplom(a) (Univ.) in Social Sciences and a black belt in the Korean martial art Taekwon-Do.